John Beard

John has been a REALTOR® with Maryland Real Estate Group, Inc. (MREG), since 2013. After a wonderful and exciting home buying experience with MREG, John was intrigued by all the” behind the scenes” work and details involved in the real estate business and wants to help guide and assist people through one of their largest investments. With his ability to transform the detailed and often complicated aspects involved with real estate into a completely understandable language to all, John is able to help anyone with their real estate needs, whether buying or selling a home. He especially enjoys working with first time home buyers.

John brings a wide range of experiences and life skills with him to real estate. After high school he entered into the construction trades, working in all phases of construction and types and ages of housing. John has over 25 years combined service to the citizens of Frederick County through volunteer firefighting and EMT and then as a professional firefighter and paramedic.

Throughout John’s life he has learned to listen to customers, pay attention to detail, the importance of planning ahead, anticipating and preparing for the unexpected, all the while remaining flexible. John understands, from years of experience working with many customers, that everyone’s situation may be different. Because of this experience he has learned to tailor his approach to any person and their particular situation. John’s approach is based on the proven process he has relied on for years:

  • Assessment – listening to what you want and need and helping you understand and know how to proceed;
  • Action Plan – how to get where you want to be;
  • Implementation – going to work;
  • Adjustments – flexibility to change, if needed, leading to superb

He has been using this approach all of his life, whether on a project, jobsite or handling a life threatening medical emergency. John is ready and eager to help you assess your needs and goals, to explain your options in understandable language, to help you come up with a plan, get to work and enjoy seeing you achieve your goal. He works with a team of professionals to accomplish your dream, including specialists in financing, inspecting, staging, photographing and repairing.

The oldest of 3 kids growing up in Urbana, John has spent his entire life in Frederick County and still lives in Frederick with his wife and two children.

You may contact John at (cell) 301-418-5698